Zhejiang Xie's New Materials Co., LTD is a high-tech company focusing on the development and production of organic fluorine chemical products, integrating science, industry and trade.The company is good at fluorination, bromination, reduction, nitration, ammonification, cyanide, acylation, hydroxylation, alkylation, heavy ammonification and other reactions. Has a large pilot workshop, production workshop equipment from 50L to 8000L, a total of more than 300, can accept all kinds of products and class reaction customization. read More


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What are the main features of O-fluorobenzene series products?

O-fluorobenzene is an organic compound in which fluorine atoms are adjacent to benzene rings. O-fluorobenzene series products have many unique characteristics, which make them widely used in many fiel

The more common o-fluorobenzene series products are mainly?

O-fluorobenzene is an important organic compound with many applications. Common o-fluorobenzene series products are mainly the following:

Introduction of Para-Fluorobenzene Series

The Para-Fluorobenzene Series products are a group of products produced by market-leading chemical companies. This range of products includes a variety of chemicals such as Para-Fluorobenzene, Para-Fl


Service and market

New materials business

Display materials/silicone materials New energy battery materials and electronic chemicals

CDMO business

Pharmaceutical chemicals/pesticide chemicals

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