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Process Safety Laboratory

As a subordinate department of the technology research and development center, the process safety lab of Zhejiang New Material Co., Ltd. mainly focuses on the material safety research and chemical process safety evaluation for the entire group company, independently carries out detection, and objectively, fairly, accurately and timely provides support and services for chemical process optimization and production safety. 

Built in 2019, the lab covers an area of 111 square meters, and has ten members. Since the expansion in 2023, the lab has been provided with safety assessment devices such as automatic reaction calorimeters (RC1mx), differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) and accelerating rate calorimeter (ARC), and has built up a scientific chemical reaction safety risk evaluation system. With these, the lab can study the safety risks of chemical reactions based on the reaction system, the heat release rate and heat release volume of materials, and the temperature and pressure change corresponding to such rate and volume. We will set higher demands to standardize the management, make continuous improvement, adhere to independent and impartial, scientific and faithful, accurate and reliable, customer-satisfying and innovative quality policy, provide more professional, more comprehensive and more efficient detection services, and walk hand in hand with customers to achieve win-win.