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Zhejiang Xieshi is committed to building a high-standard environmental safety and health management system, so as to comply with regulations and achieve an excellent performance in environmental health and safety. To achieve this goal, we will strive to do the following things. 

To abide by laws and regulations: Comply with all the applicable laws and regulations regarding environment, safety and health. 

To prevent environmental pollution: Strengthen the environmental protection education on the whole staff, enhance the environmental awareness and the sense of social responsibility of all staff, prevent environmental pollution, and eradicate pollution accidents. 

To eliminate potential safety hazards: Actively identify potential safety hazards, avoid harming ourselves and others, and avoid getting harmed and having others harmed. 

To reduce safety risks: Identify hazard sources and achieve all-staff, whole-process and all-round safety management, so as to achieve optimal safety. 

To ensure efficiency and quality: Use advanced technologies and equipment, save natural resources, and improve energy utilization rate. 

To make continuous improvement: Continuously improve environmental and occupational health safety, persistently improve the environment and safety management performance of enterprise, safeguard the life and property safety of staff and enterprise, achieve sustainable development, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprise.